Chiropody  for the attention of a wide range of problems...
Corns and calluses
Ingrown nails
Athletes Foot
Foot and leg pain
Bunions and other toe deformities
 Diabetic Footcare
 ...these may all benefit from chiropody treatment.

Andrea Bruce is a HPC Registered Chiropodist and Podiatrist, which is the internationally recognised name for a foot specialist.  State Registered Chiropodists are trained in all aspects of care for feet and lower limbs, and are qualified to deal with the common problems above. There is a team of HPC Chiropodists... 

...and Podiatrists at The Centre.  Andrea Bruce is the principal chiropodist and qualified in 1979 after three years full time study at The Chelsea School of Chiropody.  Andrea practised for 15 years in Sawbridgeworth before opening The Centre in Old Harlow in 1994 with her husband Neil, who is the principal Osteopath.